Research on Evolution of Large Passenger Flow in Urban Metro Based on Anomalous Mobility Network


In order to reveal the evolutionary mechanism of large passenger flow in urban metro, this paper introduces the concept of anomalous mobility network. Complex network analysis is used to study the structural complexity and dynamic evolution of anomalous mobility networks under ordinary and large passenger flow situations in Shenzhen metro. In addition, this paper proposes an indicator to identify the key nodes of anomalous mobility network. Results show that the anomalous mobility network evolves from long-tailed indegree to long-tailed outdegree with the aggregation and the evacuation of passenger flows. There is a transition process between the scale-free network and the random network. This research can provide a reference for early warning of large passenger flow, passenger flow organization and management in urban metro.

Jounarl of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, vol. 49(5) pp. 732-738, September 2020.